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Relaxed and balanced into the new year

Relaxed - How to keep good resolutions for the long term

New year, new happiness - everyone knows them - the good resolutions at the turn of the year. Whether it's to lose a few kilos, improve your fitness, take more time to relax or generally be happier. Almost all of us take the turn of the year as an opportunity to reflect and make resolutions for improvement in the new year. Like every year, we start a diet or a new activity in January with full motivation, only to have stopped again by March at the latest.

Ayurveda and infrared heat

The oldest, universal life and health teaching in the world is called Ayurveda. The knowledge, which is about 5,000 years old, is up to date to this day and is becoming more and more current, because it involves all basic principles, all living things and the entire complexity of the universe.

Natural infrared light in the test

Physical and mental health has increasingly become a fundamental value in recent years. This means that we are increasingly aware of the preciousness of our own health. The goal of strengthening our immune system and feeling permanently vital and fit is becoming more and more central in our lives. And the health trend can be found in all areas: healthy food rich in vitamins, restful sleep that is easy on the back, varied exercise sessions or an ergonomic workplace - all topics that we are dealing with more and more intensively. In addition to physical health, we also want to actively improve our mental and spiritual well-being; to this end, we use meditation, relaxation exercises or conscious time-outs from the stressful daily work routine.

Become a VIP at the Physiotherm in-house exhibition

Would you like to learn more about the vitalising effect of heat and are you interested in how health-promoting infrared radiation works? Then take part in our in-house exhibition from 07.03.2022 - 18.03.2022! Simply make a personal VIP appointment at one of our advice centres and receive detailed information and individual advice on a wide range of infrared products. Test our latest innovations for relaxation, vitality and regeneration and together we will find the optimal heat treatment for you at home. Let us surprise you with the possibilities of the infrared world and enjoy an additional trade fair bonus.

Your Sunday walk at Physiotherm

We invite you to visit us! Why don't you take some time on 27.02.2022 or 06.03.2022, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., to visit one of our consultation centres near you. On the so-called show Sundays, we offer all interested parties an insight into the infrared world of Physiotherm. The concept is similar to an interactive exhibition or an open day: drop in, try out, inform, compare and take away inspiration. In our atmospheric showrooms, you can try out the infrared cabins to your heart's content, discover the mobile infrared devices and find out about the latest accessories for your own cabin at home.