How Physiotherm infrared deep heat works

Infrared deep heat

Strengthen the immune system & prevent colds

The special lava sand ceramic tubes of the Physiotherm infrared cabins emit almost only infrared C, with a small proportion of approx. 3% infrared B.

First of all, the vessels in the skin expand in the irradiated back area. The heat is absorbed by the blood and lymphatic fluid and transported into the deeper tissue layers.

The heat is then distributed from the spinal column area to the inside of the body via the circulation, so that the entire organism is gradually warmed through.

At a typical cabin temperature of approx. 35 °C, the body can easily release excess heat into the environment. The treatment therefore does not place any significant strain on the cardiovascular system.

This form of infrared deep heat promotes natural heat regulation and is perceived as very pleasant. The body is therefore "warmed from the inside out".

Healthy warmth for greater well-being:

This allows you to escape from everyday life, relax stress-free and recharge your batteries - enjoy greater mobility, joie de vivre and vitality.

The infrared spectrum is divided into the ranges A (short-wave), B (medium-wave) and C (long-wave) according to the wavelength. This classification is historically based and has nothing to do with the effect of the radiation on humans themselves.

Heat radiation sources always emit a broad spectrum of electromagnetic radiation of different wavelengths. The range of this spectrum and the maximum wavelength depends solely on the surface temperature of the radiation source. With the exception of special lasers and diodes, there are therefore no pure infrared A or infrared B emitters.

Infrared deep heat

What is special about infrared radiation

Infrared radiation transfers heat to the skin without contact. Basically, however, it is merely a medium that transports the heat and has no effect itself.

The skin's heat defense mechanisms are least affected by this form of heat transfer.

The advantages:

  • Infrared radiation impairs the skin's heat regulation the least.
  • It works without contact (no pressure and no covering).
  • It can be easily regulated and adapted to the heat absorption capacity of the skin. (Physiotherm SENSOcare® technology)

What to keep in mind:

Good cabins keep skin exposure low!

  • The irradiation limits must be observed
  • The skin's own temperature must not rise too high - the maximum skin temperature of 43 °C must not be exceeded (80-100 mW / sq cm skin and 8-10 mW / sq cm eye), as otherwise local skin damage could occur. (see Physiotherm SENSOcare® technology)

This limit value must be observed for all types of heat applications.

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