Michaela Thaler

Relaxed and balanced into the new year

Relaxed - How to keep good resolutions for the long term

New year, new happiness - everyone knows them - the good resolutions at the turn of the year. Whether it's to lose a few kilos, improve your fitness, take more time to relax or generally be happier. Almost all of us take the turn of the year as an opportunity to reflect and make resolutions for improvement in the new year. Like every year, we start a diet or a new activity in January with full motivation, only to have stopped again by March at the latest.

Ayurveda and infrared heat

The oldest, universal life and health teaching in the world is called Ayurveda. The knowledge, which is about 5,000 years old, is up to date to this day and is becoming more and more current, because it involves all basic principles, all living things and the entire complexity of the universe.