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Is the stress of everyday life weighing heavily on your shoulders? Would you like to take some time out and do something good for yourself? Whether at home or in the office: with mobile heat products you can bring a little more lightness back into your life. Discover our infrared products and find the right application for your needs.

Better regeneration for more power in everyday life

A busy everyday life expects a lot from us: a lot of stamina, concentration and also full of power. We are not always able to meet these demands, especially when our daily routine catches up with us - a scenario that is all too familiar to many. We are then sometimes faced with the question of what we can do to improve our quality of life. Although we have long been part of an open, modern society that gives us many opportunities for personal development, this question is not so easy to answer. Perhaps that is what makes it so difficult for us to choose the right path for us. If you look around, you will find the next yoga course for relaxation, the latest tea for balance or the thousandth book to find your inner centre waiting for you at every corner. With all the facets for a fulfilled, happy life, it is a paradox that precisely this selection does not fulfil us and make us happy because of its mass.

But it is not the case that nothing that surrounds us can support us in finding regeneration in everyday life. As with almost everything, it is also a question of how. In fact, the basics of recovery are not that difficult...

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Regenerate with warmth

Infrared heat is a real all-rounder. Through regular use, you can strengthen your immune system, increase blood circulation and improve your metabolism, relieve tension and alleviate back pain. In addition, skin diseases can also be positively influenced. 

With our Physiotherm infrared cabins you can support your body in its regeneration and at the same time recover from the stresses and strains of everyday life.


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Also for on the road

With our mobile products you can escape from everyday life on the go. Experience relaxation and regeneration and bring more ease back into your life.

When small things can make a big difference

Our warmth is your cure. It doesn't always have to be the big cabin. Even our popular lava heat pillow can take a little weight off your shoulders. By heating the pillow in the microwave or oven, it heats up and transfers the heat to your skin. This can reach deeper tissues locally and relieve your tension.

Things to know about the topic

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