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Relaxation - that means taking time to sit back and leave everyday life behind. Our cosy infrared cabins offer you the comfort to relax and let the perfect warmth take effect on you. Whether alone or as a couple: with numerous gadgets and functions, no wishes are left unfulfilled.

Relax with little time?

Everyday life demands a lot from us - we bear responsibility at all levels and often not only for ourselves, for example, if you have already started a family. Especially then, there is more to come than when the responsibility lies only with oneself. But either way, an autonomous, self-determined life requires aspects such as concentration, energy, consistency and a certain level of comprehension. Day after day, we gather impressions when we are out and about and want to meet our obligations with a clear head, whether at work, in our interpersonal relationships or even when we are for ourselves. However, it happens on many a day that we meet our own expectation profile because we simply cannot always deliver the performance that we take so much for granted. In these moments we feel exhausted, maybe even have a headache or just don't feel comfortable in our skin....

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Regenerate with warmth

Infrared heat is a real all-rounder. Through regular use, you can strengthen your immune system, increase blood circulation and improve your metabolism, relieve tension and alleviate back pain. In addition, skin diseases can also be positively influenced. 

With our Physiotherm infrared cabins you can support your body in its regeneration and at the same time recover from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Seven tips for your work-life balance

The question of how we can find quiet moments in everyday life is one that occupies us again and again - what does it take to be able to face the challenges of daily life as calmly as possible? How can we slow down the pressure we naturally experience and find relaxation? And where is the best place to start, especially when the schedule usually looks quite full? Finding ease is not always easy. We often get lost in the whirlpool of many tasks and responsibilities, and sometimes lose focus on the big picture. After all, a happy, relaxed life requires more than just managing long to-do lists: according to a study by the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, regular breaks in everyday life are among the most important factors for effective work, a stress-free life and a positive mood. So we need moments when we look inwards, do things that bring us pleasure and gain experiences that help us to let go a little....

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Relaxation with comfort

Whether alone or as a couple: experience the benefits of infrared heat. By regularly measuring your skin, the temperature is individually adjusted to your needs and ensures that you can relax in comfort. Learn more about the many benefits of infrared heat for body, mind and well-being.


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Luxury hotel for the four walls at home: transform your own home into a place of serenity. We will be happy to advise you on our products.


Our own system SENSOcare®
For your protection and more comfort.

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Infrared heat is the gentlest way to relieve tension and help your body regenerate. With SENSOcare, we have developed the first infrared technology that adapts to your body's needs automatically and without contact.

The heat absorption capacity of your skin is influenced by many factors. To ensure you always have a pleasant heat experience, it is therefore important to adjust the intensity of the infrared radiation individually to your body. Our SENSOcare® sensors measure the skin temperature of your back every second without contact during use. In clinical studies, we have developed algorithms that independently adapt the radiation temperature, infrared intensity and spectrum to the needs of your body based on these measured values. This permanently optimizes the heat supply and protects your skin from burns. So you always get the perfect heat. 



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Heat technology Sensor

What makes our products special?

Innovative technology, simple design and easy handling: with our products, you get cutting-edge technology of the highest quality. Despite a multitude of applications and uses, they always remain easy to use and stand out visually with their elegant appearance.

With the built-in Bowers & Wilkins speakers in our infrared cabins, you can relax with sounds of your choice. The crystal clear sound of the high-quality speakers helps you leave your everyday life behind and switch off.

Operating our products is child's play: with our My Physiotherm App or the infrared cabin control PHYSIOcontrol, all areas can be controlled simply at the touch of a button or tap. Adjust individual components conveniently without having to leave your cabin.

Things to know about the topic

How does the SENSOcare technology work? How are Physiotherm products manufactured? Discover more interesting facts in our blog!