About the effect of infrared cabins: Why are infrared heat applications so healthy?

Stimulate metabolism - improve skin texture - strengthen the immune system - relieve pain

Regular visits to the infrared cabin are a wonderful way to do something good for yourself and improve your health. Infrared radiation transfers heat to the skin without contact and reaches the inside of the body via the lymphatic system and blood vessels. The resulting, circulation-friendly sweating (from the inside out) is therefore possible from as low as 30 degrees Celsius. The pleasant low temperature is gentle on the cardiovascular system and can, among other things , contribute significantly to pain relief, muscle relaxation and mental well-being.

Infrared applications have many positive, medically proven effects on body and mind

You can for example:

  • improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure
  • relax the muscles and relieve tension
  • Relieve pain and promote healing
  • speed up the metabolism and increase fat burning
  • cleanse and rejuvenate the skin
  • strengthen the immune system and prevent infections
  • reduce stress and lighten the mood
  • improve sleep and promote recovery

The Physiotherm infrared cabin is the ideal wellness treatment for people who find a typical sauna session with high temperatures unpleasant or strenuous for the body (including people with limited sensitivity to heat). These treatments are also recommended for people with (for example age-related)
movement restrictions. The heat radiation helps athletes of all levels to relax and regenerate optimally between training phases. If you like to do something for your health and relaxation on a regular basis, the gentle heat, which can be applied daily, is just right for you.

In addition to the beneficial physical effects, pleasant light and relaxation play a major role in supporting emotional balance and mental recovery. When you lie down in a cabin or on a lounger, you are making a conscious decision to take time out. In a pleasant resting position, enveloped in pleasant warmth and light, the central nervous system relaxes, thoughts come to rest and our reward center in the brain is activated by positive emotions. The stress "melts away", so to speak.