"Once you have chosen one of our high-quality products, you can feel that it not only contains perfect warmth, but also a lot of passion."


We stand for an ingenious idea

Physiotherm Managing Director Mann

Physiotherm History

Physiotherm Infrarotkabinen was founded in 1995 and is an independent company based in Thaur, Tyrol. In addition to Austria, Germany, Switzerland and South Tyrol in particular represent important markets in which Physiotherm is represented with over 30 of its own infrared consultation centers and numerous partner store locations.

Physiotherm Managing Director Man standing


Why Physiotherm ?

Adjustment couch black Operation
Heat technology Sensor
Adjustment couch black Operation
Heat technology Sensor

With heart and soul

At Physiotherm, we set new standards with our innovative infrared cabins. We develop, research, design and align form and function precisely to our target groups - whether in the private sector, in thermal baths, rehabilitation centres or in hotel and wellness facilities. We feel it is our task to integrate relaxation and well-being into the living areas of our customers.

We attach great importance to quality. Once you have chosen one of our high-quality products, you will feel that it contains not only perfect warmth, but also a lot of heart and soul. For over 25 years, we have been constantly investigating new ways to further develop our products. Thanks to this in-house research, we can always offer you innovative and high-quality products that meet your needs. More than 85,000 infrared cabins sold, which provide luxurious warmth every day, speak for our success. Whether in a hotel, in your own living space or even on the road in the office: with our heat products, you can switch off anywhere at any time and take some well-deserved time out.

The best choice

About Physiotherm

über 85.000

Infrared cabins sold



The SENSOcare® technology developed by Physiotherm enables infrared applications while lying down.

Thousands of hotel guests enjoy Physiotherm infrared treatment every day

Numerous professional athletes and teams rely on Physiotherm infrared heat

Thanks to in-house developments, new innovations are constantly being launched on the market


The Physiotherm principle

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The Physiotherm warming principle


The basis is the low-temperature infrared technology developed by Physiotherm:

- thermoneutral air temperature in the cabin (27 to 37° C; lying system 32 to 42° C)

- uninterrupted heat supply via the back (10 - 15 % of the skin surface)


Two innovations guarantee you optimum and safe heating:

- the reflector geometry ensures a homogeneous infrared distribution on the skin

- the patented SENSOcare® safety technology independently adjusts the infrared intensity to the momentary needs of your body


A regular warm-up treatment in a Physiotherm infrared cabin can help you:

- release muscular tension and relieve your back pain

- Stimulate your blood circulation and metabolism

- improve the nourishment of your connective tissue and skin

- Strengthen your defences

- from a naturopathic point of view, to support your body's own purification and detoxification through intensive sweating.

- Positively influence your fat metabolism

- Reduce mental stress and strain

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