5 reasons why you should go to the infrared cabin regularly

5 reasons why you should go to the infrared cabin regularly

In addition to the beneficial physical effects, pleasant light and relaxation play a major role in supporting emotional balance and mental recovery. Anyone who lies down in a Physiotherm infrared cabin or on a lounger is making a conscious decision to take time out.

Here are 5 reasons why regular heat applications in the infrared cabin have a long-term and positive effect on your health:

1. relaxation and stress reduction

Infrared cabins generate a pleasant heat that penetrates deep into the muscles via the skin and blood vessels and helps to relax. This can help to reduce stress and increase general well-being.

2. pain relief

Infrared radiation can help to relieve muscle and joint pain. It promotes blood circulation and can therefore help to relieve tension and inflammation.

3. improvement of skin health

The heat from infrared radiation can increase blood circulation in the skin and help to improve the appearance of the skin. This can make the skin look more radiant and healthier. 

4. detoxification of the body

By sweating in the infrared cabin, toxins and harmful substances can be eliminated from the body. This can support the detoxification process and promote general well-being.

5. improvement of the immune system

Infrared radiation can boost the immune system by stimulating the production of white blood cells. This can help to ward off illness and improve overall health.

Highly recommended!

With the revolutionary SENSOcare® technology developed by Physiotherm, the infrared intensity is automatically and contactlessly adjusted to the needs of the body.

Physiotherm infrared cabins, loungers and chairs are suitable for people of all ages. Whether before or after sport, for relaxation, to relieve pain, for detoxification, to improve blood circulation or as an immune booster - the soothing heat has a positive effect on mind and body.