Strengthened immune system in the cold season

How to protect yourself from pathogens in the pandemic

The winter season is upon us and with the cold, pathogens such as flu-like infections, colds and also Covid-19 are not waiting in the wings. Especially now in pandemic times, a strong immune system is an advantage to protect oneself. But how can you build up your body's own defences and activate a protective shield against the big flat lie at home? Possibilities abound, so there tends to be a latent sense of overwhelm with the immense choice. This article is intended to serve as a guide that will give you clarity on how to effectively build up your immune system and provide you with some knowledge in the process: How does the body's own "body police" work? What does it take to get through everyday life stronger? What role does heat play here, how can it protect us and our health? 

The immune system - simply thought?

In order for us to know how to protect ourselves from lurking dangers in the form of disease, it is important to first get to grips with the basics. Our body does so much that we sometimes tend to dismiss it as automatic. However, those who can understand physical processes and reactions sail on the sunny side of life with this knowledge and can do themselves a great favour. Therefore, let's first get to the bottom of the matter and explore our defence system: What is it actually and what does it do for us?
The immune system consists to some extent of (sub-) organs, but to an even greater extent of cells. The messenger substances of our bodies represent a central point in order to be able to guarantee the functioning of the immune system. Essential components are already the skin and mucous membranes, i.e. the throat, nose and even the intestines; this is where the first defence reactions take place, because pathogens can gain rapid access at these sites. It continues with the lymph nodes. These, as well as the lymph nodes, play a not insignificant role in the structure of our immune system: they generate antibodies that the "body police" need and form transport routes for them as well as for the defence cells. The spleen, for example, stores these defence cells and the bone marrow forms most of them into mature T-cells. Our four tonsils also contain defence cells that potentially form antibodies. The thymus, a gland located between our lungs, has an authoritative responsibility; T-cells (i.e. defence cells) find their immunological imprint in it and are thus completed. The most important cells for our immune system are various white blood cells, for example macrophages, monocytes, granulocytes, and also B and T lymphocytes.
In summary, we can say that our immune system is quite complex, but it functions like a Swiss clockwork; in that the smallest parts of our body play a decisive role and all areas are interdependent, a cycle is thus created that generally provides us with a good life and protects us from many diseases. You like this topic and want to get more information? Take a look at our article The phenomenon of the immune system - and what it's all aboutto acquire even more knowledge.

November offers couple relaxing in cabin

Our immune system can do many things, but not everything

Knowing how we are built and how we function is half the battle, but it does not automatically protect us from disease per se, just as the immune system does not. With all due respect for the work it does every day to protect us from viruses and bacteria, unfortunately it cannot save us from everything. This is where external support is needed, which we can provide ourselves. Starting with a balanced, healthy diet, enough fluids during the day and sufficient sleep, we have already done a lot. But we know the following scenarios only too well: we'd rather do without an hour or two of sleep because the evening is so nice. Or finding it difficult to maintain the water balance in stressful everyday life. Ordering a pizza from your favourite Italian restaurant because cooking is too exhausting after a long day. Especially when it comes to the basics, we can't always do ourselves justice, but how about an add-on that not only helps us build up our immune system, but relaxes us to boot? Extraordinary times, like the pandemic, call for extraordinary measures, as the saying goes. And quite apart from that, who doesn't like doing something good for themselves when they know how? The key element is warmth. It is a way that combines many aspects: Through it, we can live healthy and well, reduce stress, relax body and mind and allow regeneration to take place - especially on cold winter days when we already have to watch the sun go down in the afternoon. We at Physiotherm have been taking on the challenge of perfecting heat for more than 25 years and are now more than successful with our heat cabins. We have embraced the science of infrared radiation and look forward to satisfying a wide range of customers and keeping them healthy. To give everyone the opportunity to be convinced of the power of infrared heat, we offer limited offers on special occasions - come and enjoy excellent warmth that increases well-being, especially in the cold season: The Ergo Balance II Relax comes this November in an exclusive special edition for maximum relaxation. Wrapped in stylish black and equipped with a set of 4 terry cloth pads, this unique cabin creates health, wellness and aesthetics for your home. Give your immune system the right push to get through the winter season - with Physiotherm.

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