November Blues? About the longing and doing nothing...

In summer we usually have a high energy level but now, in November, the batteries are empty for many.
The body noticeably feels the autumn and longs for peace, warmth and comfort.

Many of us plan to "just sleep" or "just do nothing" on the weekend, lying on the couch and aimlessly watching TV & Co. But this is counterproductive and does not work as an energy booster. Guilt at the seasonal autumn mood low are the sinking temperatures and the lack of daylight. The body lacks UV light, which is partly responsible for the production of the happiness hormone serotonin. Instead, the body produces an excess of melatonin - the sleep hormone.

What can be done about it?

Daylight, regular exercise in the fresh air, as well as conscious nutrition and a positive mindset help us through the dark season.
Heat applications arealso very helpful in improving well-being and regenerating the body. Physiotherm infrared cabins provide additional support for heat applications with a daylight spectrum or colored light bath. In addition, the senses are stimulated with music and aromatic bath fragrances.

This is a good way to get through the November Blues! 

Author: Nina Lorenz
Dipl. Mentaltrainer/ Forestbaden/Stille und Naturtrainerin
Responsible for international sales at Physiotherm since 2004