Relax with little time?

We show you how

Everyday life demands a lot from us - we bear responsibility at all levels and often not only for ourselves, for example, if you have already started a family. Especially then, there is more to come than when the responsibility lies only with oneself. But either way, an autonomous, self-determined life requires aspects such as concentration, energy, consistency and a certain level of comprehension. Day after day, we gather impressions when we are out and about and want to meet our obligations with a clear head, whether at work, in our interpersonal relationships or even when we are for ourselves. However, it happens on many a day that we meet our own expectation profile because we simply cannot always deliver the performance that we take so much for granted. In these moments we feel exhausted, maybe even have a headache or simply don't feel comfortable in our skin; bit by bit, more or less unconsciously, we build up a pressure that tells us: "You have to perform, you always have to be ready" - the result of an accelerated society of which we are a part. As a rule, we tend to forget this and confront ourselves with negative statements that are of little help to us.

But it doesn't have to be like that, because we are perfectly capable of improving and restructuring our relationship to a hectic everyday life. We can accept stress in a positive way and simply resign in moments of overload: "Yes, I'm tired today", "I'm stressed" or "I can't do what I set out to do today" are simple formulations that bring us back down to earth and make us aware of the tasks we have set ourselves. Consciously decelerating through resignation can already work wonders; in this way, the mind can take a breath and sort itself out anew. We don't always have to function and we certainly shouldn't force ourselves to do so. For some people, shedding this compulsive character can also be a challenge, because humans are known to be creatures of habit. We need routines and habitual behaviour to give us a sense of structure and get us through everyday life - even arduous moves are part of this. But just because we are dependent on these rituals does not mean that we have no power over ourselves; for as quickly as we adapt to habits, so quickly can the mind learn new things and adapt quickly to the changed circumstances, because - and here we come full circle - at the end of the day we are creatures of habit. However, our society in all its fast pace also offers some good facets, there are so many possibilities nowadays to pull oneself out of the stressful everyday life and to create individual moments of relaxation. Would you like to know more about it? Then keep your eyes open for our next article, perhaps it will provide you with some inspiration... In the meantime, we will show you how to give your body and mind the regeneration they need with just a little time, so that you can face the obligations of everyday life more calmly.

Arm in the sea stretches towards the sky

When time is short, the focus on body and health comes up short. But this is exactly when a balanced relationship between the two is needed: those who take care of themselves and their health have a much better chance of being fit and vitalised as they go through life. Sufficient sleep, a balanced diet and a well-filled water supply form the basis; in addition, there are a variety of add-ons that can strengthen us: From so-called superfoods to dietary supplements and co., there is currently a lot available on the market. However, such add-ons often need time to unfold their effect. How can you speed up the process, especially when the basis is not always quite right either? We at Physiotherm have also asked ourselves this question; we have known for more than 25 years: Infrared heat is the right approach for regeneration and genuine relaxation. But how can you get the maximum out of it in the shortest possible time? 

We have fiddled and tweaked for a long time until the solution has become presentable: The Comfort Line II offers you everything you need to relax in between - without any effort at your home. Whether alone or for moments together as a couple: with this cabin, which was specially developed for busy people, you spare nothing to make yourself really comfortable. Equipped with two back radiators including SENSOcare®, front and rear wall radiators, the Comfort Line II provides all-round soothing warmth to every part of the body for targeted regeneration. To get close to the feeling of being in the middle of a wellness oasis, all senses must be activated: So in this special infrared cabin we have taken into account to pamper you on all levels. A built-in music system hits your individual sound at any time, so you can lean back and relax. Thanks to integrated colour and daylight, the visual aspect is not neglected either, because we know: The eye also relaxes. Finally, the sense of smell should not be neglected; combine our warmth with an aroma bath, just the way you like it. Where all the senses are touched, the best relaxation takes place. This is how relaxation with little time must work - with Physiotherm. 

Physiotherm cabin with chairs black