How to keep good, healthy resolutions for the long term

New year, new luck

Everyone knows them, the good resolutions at the turn of the year. Whether it's to lose a few pounds, improve your fitness, eat healthier, take more time to relax or generally be happier. Almost all of us take the turn of the year as an opportunity to reflect and make resolutions to improve in the new year. And like every year, we start a diet, a sports program or a new activity in January with full motivation, only to have stopped again by March at the latest. But why is that?

Relaxed and balanced into the new year

One of the most common reasons ...

... for the failure of our resolutions is that we simply take on far too much! From zero to one hundred with a diet, a new activity or a sports program is simply not realistic for most people in the long run. As soon as our motivation wanes a bit, we no longer manage to regularly implement what we have set out to do. Everyday stress catches up with us and we feel overwhelmed.

In order to be able to realize goals in the long term, we need to think about realistic, small and steadily implementable steps that we can easily integrate into a stressful everyday life. For example, instead of a crash diet, this means avoiding sweets during the week, but still indulging in something on the weekend. Or instead of aiming to go jogging for an hour every day, getting out into the fresh air three to four times a week. (Of course, everyone who likes to run every day should continue to do so. But to do something long term, you should enjoy doing it!).

Easy-to-implement goals help us create new habits for the long term. Once you've integrated these healthy habits into your daily routine, you can plan for further improvements in the future.

Regular, small steps ...

... often lead better and faster to the goal than a sprint that you only last half the distance. It is very important to avoid leisure time stress and excessive pressure to do even more and better. We are often our own harshest critics. To be healthy and happy in the long term, you need patience with yourself and feelings of success when you have achieved small, achievable goals.

"In tranquility lies strength."


A regular time out with an infrared heat treatment (about 30 minutes), not only improves health, helps promote circulation, relieve pain and strengthen the immune system, but also allows us to consciously switch off and relax the mind.

In this spirit, we wish you a wonderful, healthy and happy new year!