Better regeneration for more power in everyday life

A busy everyday life expects a lot from us: a lot of stamina, concentration and also full of power. We are not always able to meet these demands, especially when our daily routine catches up with us - a scenario that is all too familiar to many. We are then sometimes faced with the question of what we can do to improve our quality of life. Although we have long been part of an open, modern society that gives us many opportunities for personal development, this question is not so easy to answer. Perhaps that is what makes it so difficult for us to choose the right path for us. If you look around, you will find the next yoga course for relaxation, the latest tea for balance or the thousandth book to find your inner centre waiting for you at every corner. With all the facets for a fulfilled, happy life, it is a paradox that precisely this selection does not fulfil us and make us happy because of its mass.

But it is not the case that nothing that surrounds us can support us in finding regeneration in everyday life. As with almost everything, it is a question of how. In fact, the basics of recovery are not as difficult as they might seem at first: If you take the time to press pause and take a deep breath, you have already done a lot for yourself. But what exactly does that mean? How do you "press pause"? What comes afterwards? Ultimately, it means nothing other than creating awareness of one's own situation and looking around to see where things might be lacking. It always makes sense to start with yourself and look inwards, where everything begins: Our body does so much in our daily existence that we often forget that it also has needs that need to be met from time to time. These needs could not be more diverse, as diverse as we are as human beings. Nevertheless, there are a few basic needs that each of us carries within us: whether we start with the classic water balance that is necessary for our lives, continue with the idea of sufficient quality sleep and a wholesome diet, or end up with regular exercise to keep our minds and spirits clear - these and a few more factors are essential criteria for an active, satisfying life. And if we sometimes find it difficult to persevere and practice habits, we can look at this with a bit of a twinkle in our eye: If you approach situations positively, even if they are challenging, statistically you have a good chance of a happy disposition in general.

Holding two hands together

We often neglect these important points and the consequences can be fatal: Terms such as burn-out and overwork characterise our zeitgeist - on the one hand, they speak for the workload we indulge in every day and, on the other hand, they also speak for a society that is aware of precisely these workloads. But here, too, we can breathe a sigh of relief: this is precisely where regeneration comes in as an avoidance strategy for burn-out and the like; the variety of options now offers something for everyone. Going back to the body, this is precisely where we at Physiotherm focus our attention in order to offer you the best possible regeneration: After all, heat and cold have an immense influence on physical activity and can protect us from breakdowns in everyday life. A healthy immune system, which is regularly provided with the right warmth, can give body and mind a massive boost and provide a lot of power in daily life. Would you like to learn more about our immune system? Please have a look at our article The immune system phenomenon - and what it's all about article.

With over 25 years of experience, we have acquired the necessary expertise to present you with a range of products for the right kind of warmth. Because in addition to our classic, soothing infrared cabins for your home, we now know that regeneration must be possible exactly where it is needed - in everyday life. For this reason, we have developed special gadgets that provide you with the mobility you need to get back a bit of energy and relaxation from anywhere at any time. On the one hand, you can LAVAcare heating pad for the neck that picks up exactly where stress or a long day on the office chair often collects. Easy to use and offering maximum results, this product is not only handy but above all affordable, so that every customer can enjoy the power of warmth. Those who perhaps just want to lie down after a hard day and treat their backs to a treat will enjoy the LAVAcare Classic heat pad which, with its broad yet compact size, can provide the desired time-out for an entire region of the body. You can be more flexible here, because the classic heating pad made of lava sand can also be used when physical ailments such as period or stomach pains set in. Because that is what we at Physiotherm stand for: developing products that are always there when you need them. No matter when, no matter where, no matter how.