Your Sunday walk at Physiotherm

Discover the variety and effect of infrared products at your leisure

Spring is approaching and the days are getting longer again. The first hyacinths and crocuses are in bloom, the sun rises before eight o'clock and we are also becoming more active again. Full of zest for action, projects are planned, new meetings are created, and sports and fitness courses are attended. As soon as the sun comes out, we are drawn outside. We go for a bike ride, hike in the forest or finally work out on the outdoor fitness equipment in the park again. With our busy schedules and many varied activities, we should also take enough time to regenerate and relax. Modern IR technology is particularly effective in helping us to do this. Infrared heat helps to successfully implement all the new plans and to maintain the newly gained energy in the long term. Fittingly, our Physiotherm team offers the opportunity to directly experience the benefits of infrared radiation for body, health and mind: Take advantage of our exclusive show Sundays.

We invite you to join us

What do you have planned for the next few Sundays? Why not take the time on 27.02.2022 or 06.03.2022, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., to visit one of our consultation centres near you. On the so-called show Sundays, we offer all interested parties an insight into the infrared world of Physiotherm. The concept is similar to an interactive exhibition or an open day: drop in, try out, inform, compare and take away inspiration. In our atmospheric showrooms, you can try out the infrared cabins to your heart's content, discover the mobile infrared devices and find out about the latest accessories for your own cabin at home.

Are you interested in a classic cabin, lounger or shower with infrared for heat treatment? Would you like to learn more about the effect of IR radiation? Then our advice centres are the right place for you. Test and compare various products independently and without obligation to find your favourites. Whether it's a home spa, relaxation after work, regeneration from a sports programme or an investment in your immune system, we will find the optimal heat treatment for you. Let yourself be surrounded by warmth on our show Sundays and learn more about the beneficial effects of infrared radiation. Find out without any time pressure by taking your Sunday stroll through one of the Physiotherm consultation centres.

What you experience on the show Sundays

On the one hand, Sundays naturally offer a good overview of the wide product range. So come even without concrete expectations and let yourself be surprised. On the other hand, we offer detailed information on specific products so that you can better decide between the products and their features.

Are you looking for a product that can be used flexibly? Then try the mobile infrared back lamp on Sunday. It can be easily connected to any socket. So you can enjoy the warmth at your desk, in your armchair in the living room or on the terrace. The infrared rays relax the muscles in the back, buttocks and shoulder area and promote blood circulation through warmth. This is particularly good for the muscles after sitting at a desk for a long time or after a challenging sports programme. Thanks to the lightweight design and a practical neoprene bag, the radiant heater is also a faithful companion when you are on the go.

Would you like to add a wellness element to your living room or bathroom? Then the elegant Diva Relax Basic Plus heated lounger is certainly of interest to you. In addition to the attractive design of the lounger, it lets you experience pure relaxation thanks to two heat zones that can be individually adjusted. The ergonomically upholstered back surface offers a high level of comfort during heat treatment. In addition to muscle relaxation, the metabolism and cardiovascular system are also stimulated.

Do you have the desire to create a private wellness oasis at home? Then we offer a selection of infrared showers and infrared cabins in our exhibition, which impressively illustrate the effect of infrared rays. In addition to relaxing muscles and promoting circulation, infrared heat also strengthens the immune system and can even have a positive effect on skin diseases. A treatment in an infrared cabin also has the effect of a light cardiovascular endurance training. The cabins thus sustainably improve relaxation, regeneration and vitality through heat and contribute to a better body feeling. We will be happy to inform you about the individual details and equipment options of the special cabins. With the Ergo Balance Line, the layout, equipment and design of the cabin can even be adapted to your own wishes and ideas. In this way, it can be optimally integrated into individual living spaces. This infrared cabin offers a very comfortable and soothing heat application that can also be enjoyed by two people. Use your imagination, test and compare and get an idea of your dream infrared cabin. We will find the right product for you.

In addition, we are happy to illustrate all the health-promoting aspects of IR radiation, show different product options for heat treatment and explain how to use the infrared showers or cabins.

So on the coming Sundays, gather impressions and ideas on how the latest infrared technology should give you well-being. Discover your personal preferences for relaxation and regeneration to support your vital lifestyle with warmth. Get detailed information and schedule future consultation appointments with our expert staff. We are here for you, for any questions and wishes.

Enjoy the exhibition and take information material with you so that you can continue to look at it in your own home!

Arrange a personal visit in advance at one of the participating advice centres of your choice to keep the number of visitors to our showrooms low.

We look forward to seeing you!

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