Overcome spring fatigue

5 simple tips

The flowers are starting to bloom, the clocks have turned to daylight saving time, the days are getting longer, but you just can't get going yourself. Many of us are familiar with this sluggish feeling of springtime fatigue, when body and mind are lacking in energy even though we would like to hit the ground running.

Winter is still in our bones and the changeable weather puts a strain on our circulation.
It's still cold in the morning, but in the afternoon the temperatures climb to T-shirt level.

Due to the increased temperatures and stronger light intensity, our bodies, which were previously in winter saving mode, release hormones and endorphins. This increases our activity, but also increases our exhaustion. Everyone reacts a little differently. Some get going right away, while for others the spring change takes a few weeks.

These 5 simple tips will help improve your energy for the change of season:

  1. Fill up with light!
    Best several times a day in the fresh air- even if it is only for a few minutes at a time. Our bodies need daylight to recharge our batteries. Especially if we are prone to seasonal upsets, we should spend as much time outdoors as possible.
    E.g. just leave the car and explore the surroundings on foot.

  2. Mobilize
    If you have been moving a little less over the winter, you should start slowly and move your body for at least 30 minutes every day. What type of exercise is not important. This can be a walk, a round on the bike, a yoga class, or a visit to the gym...
    The main thing is that it is fun, because then you do it with pleasure and regularly! This boosts circulation and allows the body to adjust more quickly, and also improves our sleep for recovery.

  3. Bring color into play!
    The more colorful, the better. It starts with the diet: Vegetables, vitamins, fiber and light food support the immune system, give us energy and help us through the cold season.
    Colors influence our state of mind. That's why you should wear something colorful from time to time. It not only looks good, but can even lift your mood.

  4. Alternating baths, pubs and heat applications
    Alternating hot-cold showers, pubs and heat applications in the sauna or infrared cabin strengthen the immune system. For centuries, hot-cold applications have been used to support blood circulation and to get the body going.
    A 30-minute stay in an infrared cabin, not only relaxes the muscles, but the increase in the level of the body's core temperature, results in an increase in metabolism and basal metabolic rate. In particular, people who do not find a typical sauna session with high temperatures pleasant, or strenuous for the body, including people with limited heat sensation, enjoy the ideal wellness treatment in the Physiotherm infrared cabin. These treatments are also recommended for people with limited mobility.
    For athletes of all levels, the radiant heat helps them to relax and regenerate optimally between training phases.
    Those who like to do something for their energy, health and relaxation on a regular basis are right on target with the gentle heat, which can be applied daily.

  5. Be kind to yourself!
    Respecting your own body, mind and circulation and being patient and gentle with yourself is the prerequisite for a long-term healthy life.
    It's ok if we sometimes have phases in which we have less energy. The more patient and loving we are with ourselves, the faster we feel better and the more energy we can draw on. Taking a short time out every day to breathe deeply, listen to ourselves and observe without judgment how we are doing at the moment helps us to relax and allows us to discover new resources.

With this in mind, we wish you a wonderful spring season, good health and all the best!

Author: V. Weber, Dipl. Health Trainer