Natural infrared light in the test

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Natural infrared light in the test

How does IR radiation strengthen body and soul?

In recent years, physical and mental health has increasingly become a fundamental value. This means that we are increasingly aware of the preciousness of our own health. The goal of strengthening our immune system and feeling vital and fit in the long term is becoming increasingly central to our lives. And the health trend can be found in all areas: healthy and vitamin-rich food, restful and back-friendly sleep, varied exercise sessions or an ergonomic workplace - all topics that we are increasingly concerned with. In addition to physical health, we also want to actively improve our mental and emotional well-being; we use meditation, relaxation exercises or conscious time-outs from stressful working life to achieve this.

To relax and do something good for the immune system at the same time, we take time for a day at the spa or thermal bath. We then enjoy saunas, whirlpools and massages. These heat treatments stimulate the blood circulation and support our immune system. One of the most popular heat treatments besides the classic sauna? Treatment with infrared heat. It helps us to stay fit and healthy and can reduce physical or mental complaints. But how does the infrared cabin work? How can the warmth of the IR light help us to ward off pathogens?

Heat therapy as an immune booster

The video report on Sat.1 Bayern explores the questions about health through heat. It introduces us to the function of heat in saunas and infrared cabins, tests their use and compares their effects. Learn more about the positive effect of IR radiation on health from general practitioner Dr. Jan Schmitt-Bosselt - which is more important to us than ever in times of a pandemic. It becomes clear: sport and a vitamin-rich diet alone are no guarantee for a healthy lifestyle. Warmth and relaxation are also important factors for a vital and long-term healthy life.

An externally added heat gets the circulation going and heats up the entire body, similar to a mild fever. This stimulates the immune system and fights pathogens as a precaution. The increased blood circulation helps the self-healing mechanisms and through the sweating, various harmful substances are discharged from the body: Our defences are running at full speed!

One way is to sweat it out in saunas for your immune system and stimulated blood circulation. But in summer we avoid them because of the extreme heat. Although we want to relax, strengthen our immune system and stimulate blood circulation, our need for intense heat is satisfied. In addition, the individual sensation of heat and the ability to absorb heat vary greatly. Do you find saunas rather exhausting and tiring? A regular immune booster through heat and pleasant wellness moments can also be experienced outside of saunas. Natural infrared light is used for this purpose - this type of heat treatment takes place at pleasant and moderate temperatures and is now also part of many thermal baths and spa oases.

How do infrared cabins work?

Infrared light accompanies us during sunrises and sunsets in everyday life, so that the radiation is perceived by the body as natural. Infrared light belongs to a range of electromagnetic radiation that lies below the red end of the visible light spectrum. This light hits the skin through the back radiators of the infrared cabin, which is gently heated without contact. The heat is then distributed throughout the body by the blood and the stimulated cells. In this way, the entire organism, especially muscles and joints, are gently heated and well supplied with blood. Our in-house expert, Peter Embacher, explains this process clearly in the video. At 27 to 37 degrees, the body can relax without being overloaded by heat, as it does not have to use its own energy to cool down or heat up. The additional heat is generated by the IR radiators only on a limited area of the skin. Lavatech emitters are used in the cabins for this purpose. These encourage our blood to flow into the interior of the body in thermal equilibrium - there is a gradual warming of the core and shell of the body. In addition to relaxation that appeals to all the senses, the infrared cabin has other health benefits: the regulated heat treatment strengthens the immune system, increases blood circulation, improves metabolism, relieves tension and alleviates back, neck or joint pain. It can improve skin diseases and supports our mental and spiritual well-being.

Since every person processes heat differently, Physiotherm has developed SENSOcare®, a technology that guarantees comfort and safety in a gentle and vitalising heat treatment. The radiation temperature adapts to the needs of the body on the basis of measured values - and thus ensures the ideal intensity at all times.

Cabin in bedroom Relaxation

The experience comparison

Vanessa and Noah did the test in a spa in Erding, Upper Bavaria. They try out the infrared cabin in comparison to a conventional sauna, as the video report on Sat.1 Bayern shows. The test persons are positively surprised: they describe the treatment in the infrared cabin as a very relaxed and rather selective heat. They feel that this kind of warming is equivalent to a sauna session. The IR radiation warms them from the inside and leads to a gentle relaxation of body and mind. The circulation is less stressed than with hot sauna infusions, but the pleasant warmth and the strengthening of the body's defences are also present.

Vital, healthy and balanced through infrared light - try it for yourself. With infrared light, you can come closer to your goal of supporting your immune system and leading a vital lifestyle. For more information on the use of various infrared cabins, infrared showers or heating accessories, please visit the Physiotherm advice centres or our website. We will be happy to help you decide on your personal favourite for heat treatment.

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