Summer heat and cool forest

What do forest bathing and the use of a Physiotherm infrared cabin have in common?

Shinrin Yoku comes from Japan, the Japanese term for forest bathing, and means something like "taking a bath in the atmosphere of the forest" and has been practised there since the 1980s. For some years now, forest bathing has also arrived here and is on everyone's lips. 

But forest bathing is more than a walk in the forest. In the summer heat, you can "immerse" yourself in the forest. Not only sonically do rustling forests remind one of the sea...

"Forest bathing is a conscious stay in the forest to increase physical and mental health, as well as to strengthen the connection to nature."

It is important to spend time in the forest mindfully and to perceive the surroundings with as many senses as possible. When bathing in the forest, you can immerse yourself in the silence of nature, switch off your head and find peace. An important component here is to be offline. Turn off your mobile phone - and go into the forest.

Conscious breathing and perception see - sense - smell - feel

For us humans, it is important that our senses are comprehensively addressed. That is exactly what the forest offers: we smell the pine needles, the wood, the earth. We feel the well-tempered humidity or the moss when walking barefoot. We listen to the birdsong, the rustling of the leaves and the sound of the wind. We see a lot of green, the light is pleasantly dimmed and does not dazzle. Those who want to can feel the bark of the trees and the fresh earth and nibble on forest berries.

In Japan, forest bathing is a recognised form of therapy and a field of scientific research at many universities. The health-promoting effects of a stay in the forest on body, mind and soul have been researched for several decades. It has been discovered that forest bathing not only lowers blood pressure, pulse and stress, but even reduces the risk of cancer. 

The forest is balm for the soul

Noise and loud sounds that have a negative impact on health do not exist in the forest. As a result, the stress hormones in the blood sink and relaxation sets in. The forest has the strongest effect on the psyche. Mental well-being, mood and sleep quality increase, feelings of anxiety decrease. The greater the mental stress, the stronger this effect. The colour green, which has a calming effect, also plays a role.  

"The forest is one of the best filling stations where you can recharge your batteries." (Ernst Ferstl - Austrian writer)

The terpenes are the basis for the healing effect of a walk in the forest, as the body absorbs the essential oils through breathing and skin. This is because our nervous system then comes to rest by calming the sympathetic nervous system and activating regeneration with the parasympathetic nervous system. The absorption of terpenes has a positive influence on the ability to concentrate and strengthens our immune system. The health effect of a guided forest bath lasting 2-3 hours has been proven to last up to a week according to medical and scientific studies.

Conclusion: The forest is free medicine and is open to us 24/7.

The perfect continuation after a forest bath is a visit to the Physiotherm infrared cabin at home

The gentle deep heat of the Physiotherm cabin can also help us in the summer...

High outdoor temperatures are nevertheless considered a challenge for the body's thermoregulatory system. Especially in the warm season, many people with chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system experience significant relief of their complaints. Nevertheless, high outdoor temperatures are considered a challenge for the body's thermoregulation system. The Physiotherm mode of action can help us with thermoregulation and gently stimulates the circulation.

The body releases internal heat to the outside, but avoids distributing heat - and thus blood circulation - evenly in the body core (brain and internal organs) and the body shell (muscles, connective tissue, bones and joints). Quite a few people, especially older people with cardiovascular problems, are therefore advised against exposure to excessively high temperatures.

Physiotherm cabins ensure gentle warming of the body from the inside out. They work with heat regulation so that the body only has to expend a little additional energy. Heat is gently supplied via the back and distributed throughout the entire organism via the blood circulation. In this way, the metabolism and the immune system can be stimulated, pain relieved, tension released and the body's well-being promoted.

Forest bathing & Physiotherm together is perfect health care!


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