Healthy through the winter and vital all year round

Stick to your New Year's resolutions and improve your health throughout the year

At the beginning of the new year, most of us are still highly motivated to live healthier, more sporty and more conscious lives. Sure, after the gluttony of Christmas and New Year's Eve, we want to do something good for our bodies. True to the motto "My body is my temple". Veganuary or Dry January were particularly popular this year. So, especially in the cold winter months, we are eager to strengthen our health and get fit through new routines. Gyms are overflowing, fridges are full of the latest superfoods and cleansing juice cures are also on order. Especially in current pandemic times, we value our health and no longer take it for granted. We are ready to try new ways for an improved body image.

But importantly, don't just start strong, fit and healthy - stay that way throughout the year! January was just the beginning.

Set concrete goals, don't put yourself under pressure and avoid stress

The new year is in full swing. The cold, wet and dark days in January have weighed on our minds and the initial enthusiasm is disappearing. Important deadlines, new projects and the stressful everyday life have us in their grip again. It is becoming more and more difficult to continue to pursue our resolutions.

How do you stick to New Year's resolutions and follow through with your personal sports, nutrition and self-care programme?

If necessary, revise your resolutions and formulate specific and realistic goals that you can work on concretely. For example, make a resolution: "I will run five kilometres in 5:30 min/km once a week", instead of: "I will go to the gym once a week". Don't put pressure on yourself with your individual goals. Don't blame yourself if you don't manage to go running one week. Be content even if you only make it to your favourite class at the gym twice, instead of three times. Enjoy the rest periods and don't get angry if you have a pizza delivered in the evening. To persevere, it helps to have fixed appointments, training partners or joint resolutions with your partner. It is also important to avoid stress as much as possible. Minimising excessive stress in this context also means rewarding yourself and your body. No one can run at full speed 24/7. A reward can be a relaxing visit to the thermal spa, a massage appointment or a weekend getaway.

Hot stones on back Physiotherm

This reduces stress, which not only has a negative effect on your mood, but also reduces your incentive to exercise and your well-being. If you really want to promote your health, you should take active relaxation breaks. We are often unaware of how work and family commitments, digitalisation, constant accessibility and our own performance targets are stressing us. You can already manage some stress factors by refraining from multitasking, actively addressing problems, switching off electronic devices and working on your attitude. Reflect on your own behaviour, engage in positive self-talk and try out relaxation exercises from the field of meditation or yoga.

The soothing warmth of a summer day

Another reason why our good intentions usually start to crack in the first months of winter is the short days and the lack of sunlight. This makes us feel exhausted and tired. It's clear that we can't always bring ourselves to cycle to the gym in the rain or to learn how to prepare the latest superfood in addition to our turbulent family life. In summer, we have new energy and motivation to work on our resolutions and try new things. Together with spring, we really blossom. In addition, our immune system is strengthened so that we fall ill much less often and thus do not have to take unwanted time off from our new health routines. The warmth and light surrounding us in summer reduces the likelihood of injury and also combats the unpopular sore muscles. So reward yourself regularly with enough light and deep warmth to keep you healthy and vital throughout the year.

Sunset in the Physiotherm field

Your Perfect Match - An infrared cabin

Simply bring your portion of sun rays home and let yourself be whisked away from everyday life by scents, colours, sounds and warmth. Thanks to the latest infrared technology, the heat cabins help you to regenerate after sports, strengthen your immune system and relax sufficiently in everyday life. They promote an inner warmth through the infrared radiation, which has positive health effects without having to preheat for a long time. In addition, relaxation with infrared light is an optimal prevention against not being able to pull oneself together, as endorphins are increasingly released. Infrared heat promotes long-term health by stimulating blood circulation, promoting the body's own healing processes and leading to deep relaxation of the body. The IR radiation also improves fat burning, strengthens the immune system, relieves pain and inflammation and promotes oxygen supply to the muscles. Light therapy even has a mitigating effect on psychosomatic illnesses. For a long time, infrared rays have been used for medical purposes, for example by irradiation and heating lamps, to treat inflammations directly. With the help of the infrared cabin, it is now possible to treat inflammation-related health problems, such as rheumatism and acne, or metabolic problems on a larger scale. The heat cabins also prevent cold symptoms and inflammation through their IR rays.

The Ergo Balance I Relax is a first-class and high-quality designed infrared cabin, for a contemporary wellness programme in your own four walls. This cabin offers the possibility of carrying out the infrared treatment while sitting or lying down thanks to an electrical and infinitely variable adjustment, comfortable armrests and a padded and height-adjustable headrest. Deep relaxation is provided by the appeal to all the senses, through the LED coloured daylight, appealing fragrance oils and the Bowers & Wilkins speakers.

With the Eco-Fit II Plus it is also possible to enjoy the warmth of the infrared rays as a couple. The front and back radiators as well as the cabin control are equipped with the latest SENSOcare® safety technology. The compact design facilitates comfortable integration of the infrared cabin into any home. The shared experience of the pleasant warmth, sounds, light and scents are made possible by the equipment of this cabin.

Until 28.02.2022 you have the chance to purchase the Eco-Fit II Plus infrared cabin with 0% financing, without a down payment. This unique offer allows you to make a lasting investment in your health and immune system with a monthly payment of just € 99 for the next 48 months. Use the infrared heat directly with this offer to get closer to your goal of being healthy, vital and fit over the next few years. Experience the physical and mental benefits of this light and heat treatment for yourself in order to fulfil your good intentions in the long term.