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How infrared heat gives you the best life

Our last article already explained in detail why and how you should and can protect your immune system in the cold season - after all, knowledge is the new black. If you protect yourself from pathogens, you live a more liberated life. And if you know how to do it, you can glide through the winter months feeling particularly happy and relaxed and enjoy life to the full. In our accompanying article, we have already presented one of the many cabins from our product range, the Ergo-Balance II Relax. Here, we will now focus more on its features and subtleties, because our research and design departments have come up with a few special tricks for this cabin in particular: Because we have understood from numerous discussions with customers that many people find it much easier to relax when they are lying down, we have made this possible in the seats of the cabin. These can be operated electrically, so that you can choose freely between sitting and lying positions at any time. Equipped with a relieving S-shape for the entire back musculature, this feature not only relaxes you; it also makes the warming treatment even more pleasant when lying down. Design your stay in your cabin exactly as you want it every time and adapt it to your needs - your back was particularly stressed today? No problem, the back and foot sections can be individually adjusted separately. You've had a catchy tune all day and now you want to really enjoy it? Connect to our integrated MP3 player and listen to whatever sounds you like. The aroma bath function of the cabin also makes it a special experience, because as we always preach - all the senses must be fulfilled. If you want warmth for your home, quite classically and without a lot of frills, we have a little surprise for you here: the Eco-Fit I, which is one of our most popular entry-level products, is also available at a pre-Christmas price as part of our exclusive Black November - perfect for all those to whom infrared seems like untouched terrain, but who don't want to miss out on the experience of healthy warmth and regeneration. 

Physiotherm - a brand with responsibility

In addition to our claim to serve all the senses, we are very conscious of our responsibility towards your health. Our credo is to create optimal warmth for optimal regeneration. In order to meet this requirement day after day, our team consists not only of employees who work with genuine love from the idea to the finished product; it consists above all of a powerful group of people within our medical-scientific department who approach the matter with a wealth of know-how: After all, infrared technology is just as intricate as our finished cabins themselves. The task of our research team is primarily to embed infrared cabins in the context of medical research and to be able to guarantee this under scrutiny. We comprehensively investigate the matter of which the well-being in the cabins is made. In today's world, technical progress is more rapid than ever before, and in order to stay up to date, the company's research and development department is working towards its ambitious goals in order to always be one step ahead. Our SENSOcare® technology in particular proves how much heart and soul is put into mastering the technology surrounding infrared radiation. You will also find these in the Ergo-Balance II Relax and Eco-Fit I in front of you. But what exactly does the beneficial infrared heat do? How does it work in the context of the human organism? Let us give you a small but precise impression of what our cabins are made of:


Infrared radiation - an excursion into our profession

Translated, the prefix infra, which comes from Latin, means "below". The term infrared therefore refers to an area that exists after - or below - the red end of the light spectrum. We encounter infrared radiation every moment in our everyday lives. Whether from the sun, the radiant heater in the outdoor area of a café or even ourselves: All of this and also we emit IR radiation. Thus, infrared light is something quite natural and nothing to be afraid of because you cannot always see it. Infrared can be classified into three categories: Infrared-A, -B and -C. The latter is filtered through our atmosphere and the other two we need to live. The three types of light differ in their spectrum. What does this mean? The spectrum refers to the wavelength in which the infrared radiates. Overall, the light ranges between 780 and one million nanometres. We cannot see this radiation, but we can feel it. The shorter the wavelength of the light, the more intense its effect. IR radiation transfers heat to the skin without contact. As long as the irradiation limits are observed, it is easy to regulate and can provide both warming and healthy moments. In this way, the infrared light can adapt to the heat absorption capacity of the skin without causing significant damage. The skin's own temperature must not exceed 43 degrees Celsius. When the infrared rays reach the skin, they are converted into heat by the uppermost skin layers - the epidermis and dermis. This is also where the infrared light stops and the body's own process begins: by heating, the body increases the blood flow in the skin to cool it down. Heat can only be transported into the body's circulation by blood, so we can achieve a deep effect in the end. If you would like to understand more about this, we recommend that you take a trip to our in-depth article on the The magic of infrared radiation the body. There you will find more exciting facts and a detailed description of how our SENSOcare® technology works and is applied in the cabins. Because that is what we are - Physiotherm, a company with responsibility.

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