We will help you choose the right infrared heat - because it's all about YOUR HEALTH!

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Infrared cabins are becoming increasingly popular.
What should I look out for when buying an infrared cabin?

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5 reasons why regular heat applications in the infrared cabin have a long-term and positive effect on your health.

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With our unique Physiotherm infrared cabins, you can experience wellness and relaxation at home just like in a luxury hotel. Whether simple design or high comfort: There is something for everyone in our Physiotherm family.

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In addition to our infrared cabins, we have expanded our product range for you. Enjoy the pleasant infrared heat from Physiotherm at home, on the road or in the office with our high-quality products for your well-being: comfortable infrared loungers, wellness infrared showers, mobile infrared back radiators, high-quality accessories for your infrared cabin at home and modern infrared heaters.

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We will help you choose the right infrared heat - because it's all about YOUR HEALTH!

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Experience wellness and relaxation at home with our unique infrared cabins.

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Whoever says infrared must also say Physiotherm! Because we know what your body needs to regain a bit of quality of life. With a genuine love of quality and craftsmanship, we get the best out of your time in our infrared cabins. Experience perfect regeneration with SENSOcare®, Physiotherm's special infrared technology - we make it possible for you.

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Physiotherm infrared technology & effect

What is SENSOcare®?

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Everyone processes heat differently. For this reason, we have developed the revolutionary SENSOcare® technology for our Physiotherm infrared cabins. It is the first infrared technology that automatically and contactlessly adjusts the infrared intensity to the needs of your body.

The heat absorption capacity of your skin is influenced by many factors. To ensure you always have a pleasant heat experience, it is therefore important to adjust the intensity of the infrared radiation individually to your body. Our SENSOcare® sensors measure the skin temperature of your back every second without contact during use. In clinical studies, we have developed algorithms that use these measured values to independently adapt the radiation temperature, infrared intensity and spectrum to the needs of your body. This permanently optimizes the heat supply and protects your skin from burns. So you always get the perfect heat.


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Physiotherm Sensocare heat technology

"Once you have chosen one of our high-quality products, you can feel that it not only contains perfect warmth, but also a lot of passion."