Who is Physiotherm?

Behind Physiotherm is a group of people who have devoted themselves to the common denominator of combining health with warmth and revolutionising it - over and over again. Founded in 1995, Physiotherm is now based in beautiful Thaur in Tyrol, Austria. Here, proven German craftsmanship and the knowledge of the Tyrolean wellness lifestyle come together. Day after day, they work with real love to get the best out of infrared technology and to perfect the concept of warmth. Physiotherm is aware of its responsibility for the health of its customers; therefore it is no question that a special medical-scientific department within the company takes on the task of embedding its infrared cabins in the context of medical research and being able to guarantee this under scrutiny. Comprehensive research is carried out into the material from which the well-being in the cabins is made. In today's world, technical progress is more rapid than ever, and in order to stay up to date, the company's research and development department puts its heart and soul into its ambitious goals, so as to always be one step ahead. Aesthetic demands are not neglected either; Physiotherm's essential philosophy consists not only of reform and development, but above all of design, because here they know: the eye also enjoys. Together with the designer Georg Juen, the company is thus able to adapt the most diverse wishes and conditions to personal needs, unceasingly accompanied by technical sophistication. Whether in the private sector, in thermal baths, rehabilitation centres or hotel and wellness facilities, the Physiotherm team sets a high standard for making individual dreams come true. So with these innovative infrared cabins, a lot of know-how and love for the craft, a new standard in health has been set and a new name given to the market - Physiotherm. 

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