Summer, sun - infrared cabin?!

In summer, many people with chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system feel a significant relief of their complaints, and the frequency of the so-called winter depression also decreases significantly. 

And today, everyone is aware that the sun must be enjoyed carefully - as with all things that have to do with our health: Much does not help much, but rather harms! 

So there is no longer any reason to visit the Physiotherm cabin, which now leads a shadowy existence and is allowed to fall into its well-deserved "summer sleep". 

Or is it?! 

Correct, it is actually not that simple! Not all heat is the same! There are fundamental differences in how the human body reacts to different types of heat supply.

Normally, our body must keep its core temperature constant. This means that even at air temperatures above 21°C and physical activity, the organism must no longer allow a supply of heat from the outside.
Accordingly, our thermoregulatory system reacts by controlling blood flow. The body avoids "distributing" the heat - and thus the blood circulation - in the body. At high outside temperatures, this is associated with significant cardiovascular stress for quite a few people, especially the elderly. 

Your Physiotherm cabin works differently! 

In a relaxed atmosphere and physical rest, the Physiotherm principle ensures that a warming from within takes place: with the well-known positive effects on tissue supply, metabolism, the immune system and pain relief. 

And by the way, you train your vascular system and your thermoregulatory capacity.

What does that mean in concrete terms?

  • Especially in summer, it is important to take advantage of the improved, deep tissue circulation and metabolism stimulation provided by your physiotherapy cabin. By the way, don't forget to drink enough and give your body enough minerals. 
  • Since we are constantly warm creatures, any change in temperature in our environment requires an adjustment by our body's own thermoregulatory system. Today, we live in air-conditioned living spaces, suffer from lack of movement and stress. Our thermoregulatory system, which like any biological regulatory system needs to be trained, is losing its ability.A regular visit to your Physiotherm cabin - especially in summer - trains your heat regulation ability. As a result, your body will be better able to cope with temperature changes again. 
  • And more: thermoregulation is made possible primarily by controlling blood flow. This implies that it also trains the muscles in the arteries that are responsible for throttling or increasing blood flow. This mild training of the vascular system can help to stabilize blood pressure, which is dependent, among other things, on tone (i.e. the tension in the walls of the blood vessels).

It is perfectly okay if we are initially overtaken "jogging" by hurried mothers with strollers. The essential thing is to train according to your own well-being and to pay attention to optimal preparation and regeneration. 

Your Physiotherm cabin is an important building block in this process. It can be used in a variety of ways - for pure, better and load-free regeneration, but also for preparation in the sense of a better response to physical training stimuli. 

Summer, sun, Physiotherm?!
A convincing concept!