Warming set design line S

for 3 rooms

Dimensions (WxDxH) & Weight

1x Set part IF panel

1x Set part IDP113

1x Set part IDP150


1x set part IF panel
300 watt

1x Set part IDP113
500 Watt

1x Set part IDP150
800 watt

Warming set design line S

Special features

The advantages of Physiotherm infrared heating:

  • Easy to use: supplied ready to plug in with thermostat, so the units are easy to install.
  • With the patented Flatpanel technology, the entire surface of the heating panel is heated quickly and evenly and radiated forward into the room. This makes this infrared heater particularly economical and effective. Thus you save heating costs.
  • Your comfort temperature can be set individually and flexibly with a room thermostat and time control.
  • The heat is perceived as very pleasant and creates a healthy indoor climate without raising dust. The radiant heat does not dry out the air. The heating panels can be placed exactly where they are needed, providing flexible solutions for any room needs.
  • The stylish design


1x set part IF panel with stand
for practical rearrangement, and radio room thermostat
White, 60x60cm, 300 Watt

1x Set-part IDP113
in slim glass optics in high-quality softline design with sapphire glass surface & radio room thermostat
White, 57x115cm, 500 Watt

1x Set-Part IDP150
in slim glass optics in high-quality softline design with sapphire glass surface, with radio room thermostat
White, 63x153cm, 800 Watt


We will be happy to advise you on our products and find your individual solution. Together we will create a suitable oasis of well-being for you and your guests.

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