Fragrance oil set, 4 x 10ml each

The 4×10 ml Physiotherm premium fragrance oils in the following versions

  • Mystic Moments: Finnische Birke
  • Waldgeheimnis: Zirbe & Kiefernadel
  • Lebenslust: Eukalyptus, Melisse & Zitrone
  • Alpengruß: Alpenkräuter

provide the perfect aromatherapy in your sauna.

Fragrance oil set, 4 x 10ml each

Special features

Whether in your sauna, infrared cabin, fragrance bowl or diffuser, our fragrance oil set is the perfect companion to recharge your batteries. The scents not only invigorate and stimulate your nose, but also have a noticeably restorative effect via the skin and lungs.

Our physiotherapy oils are more than just a sauna fragrance. They are popular for the further processing of natural products, such as massage oil, scented candles or also as a soap scent.

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