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(Train) Peak Action

Hot Deals on cold days!

The lowest Zugspitze temperature was measured on 19.12.2022 at 06:00 with -4.4 degrees

Current cold discount for today 20.12: -10% and additional cold discount -4.4%. 

Advertising subject Zugspitze action

During the period from December 9 to December 20, 2022, you will receive a 10% discount on the entire Physiotherm product range (excluding Microsalt, infrared heating and I-Medic) every day.

On this already reduced price you will then get an additional cold discount, which corresponds to the lowest temperature of the previous day at the summit of the Zugspitze! (between 00:00 and 00:00) 

assumed sales price € 4.500.-
1. discount 10% = - € 450.-
2. cold discount -12 degrees = 12% = - € 486.-
= Special sale price of € 3.564.-

On top of that, every day we raffle off a ticket for a ride up and down the mountain with the Tiroler Zugspitzbahn!

Request/reservation products with current day discount. - Maximum discount 23% off list price. Discount valid for orders placed between December 9 and 20, 2022.
Promotion at Physiotherm and all participating Physiotherm partners. Promotion period 09. to 20.12.2022. Does not apply to products already ordered.

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