Merry Christmas from the pine world

Let yourself be gifted with health

Every year, it's time to start looking for presents and to let your creativity run wild anew. But as much as you like to think of gifts for loved ones around you, your muse sometimes lets you down when the Christmas bells ring. We've done the job for you and picked out timeless classics that will guarantee smiles on your face when you unwrap them: Now until 23.12.2021, receive enchanting products from the healthy world of Swiss pine worth € 200 for perfect well-being with every infrared cabin. Because Christmas time means feel-good time! 

The relaxing and equally vitalising effects of Swiss stone pine are an ancient knowledge that we are happy to pass on to you with our promotional items. For example, you can look forward to the Swiss stone pine room ventilator for fresh, pleasant scents in the room. Or the good night set with Swiss stone pine pillow, cube and oil for a wonderful night's sleep; the intense, woody scent provides immediate help to relax and arrive. Original and suitable for every person, these products are ideal for giving as gifts to family and friends. The entire Physiotherm team wishes you a peaceful and pleasant pre-Christmas season!

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