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Would you like to learn more about the vitalising effect of heat and are you interested in how health-promoting infrared radiation works? Due to the great success, extended until 02.04.2022! Simply make a personal VIP appointment in one of our advice centres and receive detailed information as well as individual advice on a wide range of infrared products. Test our latest innovations for relaxation, vitality and regeneration and together we will find the optimal heat treatment for you at home. Let us surprise you with the possibilities of the infrared world and enjoy an additional trade fair bonus.

Immune defence, relaxation and vitality through heat treatment

IR radiation has a warming and soothing effect on our body and is therefore also called "heat radiation" and is one of the top technologies when it comes to health, vitality and relaxation; the red light heats the skin and muscles without contact. The transported heat promotes blood circulation and metabolism, so that the healing process is also accelerated, for example in the case of skin diseases.

Infrared does not hinder the heat regulation of the skin and can be adapted to the heat absorption capacity of the skin. The regulation of IR radiation does not interfere with the skin's heat defence mechanisms, unlike electric heating pads, hot water bottles or sunbathing. When used regularly, infrared can also strengthen the immune system, relieve deep-seated tension and alleviate persistent back or neck pain: The deep warming of the body not only feels pleasant, but also helps us to have more vitality in everyday life, as warm muscles and good blood circulation make us more active. A stay in the infrared cabin thus also corresponds to a light cardiovascular endurance training in its effect, only without any effort. Treatment with infrared is therefore not only useful for regeneration and relaxation, it also supports particularly effective and gentle coordination, strength, endurance and posture training - from circulation and metabolism to the entire body musculature, we benefit from the heat and strengthen our entire body. The infrared cabins also bring about mental relaxation and health through the combination of heat, stimulating fragrance oils and pleasant sounds.

To ensure that the warming and strengthening of body and mind succeed safely, the cabins are equipped with SENSOcare® safety technology and heat detection: This revolutionary technology automatically and contactlessly adjusts the infrared intensity to the needs of the body; always focusing on not overheating the body temperature. This creates the harmonious unity of health and wellness.

Individual heat treatment for the home

The infrared cabins of the Ergo Balance Line are versatile and have the latest SENSOcare® technology integrated and can be individually designed: Both the placement of the door and the choice of glass and wooden elements are freely selectable. This is how these cabins bring the benefits of infrared heat to your home.

The Ergo Balance I on the other hand is a single cabin with two front and one back radiator. The ergonomically shaped back and armrests relieve the spine and enable the optimum position to the back radiator. The flexibly integrated glass fronts provide an excellent view of nature or of your own living room while you relax with the heat application. At the same time, your personal wellness moment is enriched by the integrated MP3 music system with high-quality speakers, an aroma bath set with fragrance oils and an LED coloured daylight - in this way, all senses are addressed by the Ergo Balance Line and lasting relaxation, regeneration and vitality are achieved. The PHYSIOcontrol system enables easy adjustment and regulation of the infrared cabin.

Another special cabin is the Ergo Balance IIThis offers space for two people to use together and is equipped with two front and two homogeneous back radiators. The lower body area is not neglected either: all Ergo Balance cabins have built-in underfloor heating, and the type of wood, colour or equipment of the cabin can also be freely selected.

For true connoisseurs we have developed the Ergo Balance II Relax a true all-rounder and a particularly elegant and timeless infrared cabin. It offers maximum comfort for two people during heat treatment, made possible by the five rotating front radiators and three back radiators. The cabin is characterised above all by the fact that it has two reclining radiators so that the heat can also be enjoyed in a relaxed lying position; it also generates an even better regeneration of the muscles and the separate adjustment of the back and foot sections. In addition to the mentioned wellness elements of the Ergo Balance Line, the seat and reclining positions are electrically and continuously adjustable. In addition to a high capacity and durability of the cabin, this model in particular offers a particularly elegant and high-quality equipment for a luxurious heat treatment.

Discover the Physiotherm infrared world

In addition to the cabins of the Ergo Balance Line, you can of course also take a look at other infrared cabins, test them and compare them. We will be happy to help you find out more in a pleasant atmosphere. Also discover our wide range of heat loungers and infrared showers for more wellness in everyday life or the infrared chairs for relaxing work. Mobile infrared products and heat accessories such as our mobile back radiator or the lava cushion are an optimal addition to regular infrared treatment.

Do you already have a favourite or do you need help deciding? We are here for you. Visit our advice centres, test your way through our product world, get advice and use infrared light to enhance your well-being. Find inspiration for using infrared in our in-house exhibition to create your individual wellness moments. We will be happy to help you with information and clarify any questions you may have. With the sustainable improvement of health and vitality through IR radiation, you will benefit from the trade fair discounts.

We look forward to seeing you!

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